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PooChi puppies ❤️
2 000 $

Date de publication:
octobre 25
Date de naissance:
8 novembre 2020

La description:

Hypoallergenic, no shedding, loveable puppies!!

** 5 boys and 1 girl **

Poo-Chi is a wonderful companion dog who will stick by your side like glue, yet play like a puppy well into its adult years. They have a cheerful disposition which will make them a joy to be around, especially when kids are involved. Loving and gentle, this breed will lick and love your child from their messy heads to their grubby little fingers and adore them till their last days. This breed’s size makes them ideal for house, condo or apartment living, so long as they have adequate time to go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. A fenced backyard for a home should do just fine, while apartment dwellers need daily exercise in the form of a walk, plus a session or two (or more!) of indoor playtime in the form of “catch me if you can,” tug of war, etc.

***Dad 10lbs ( toy poodle)
•••Mom is long hair chihuahua 6lbs

**Deposit is required for holding**

🥳Puppies will be ready for their furever home January 8 2021!🥳

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