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Presa CanarioPresa CanarioPresa CanarioPresa CanarioPresa Canario

Quality Presa Canario Mastiff Puppies

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February 13
Presa Canario
Jan. 28, 2020


We have a litter of 6 beautiful purebred Presa Canario puppies currently available. There are 3 females (all fawn) and 3 males (2 brindle, 1 fawn). These puppies are high quality and a lot of time and effort is put into raising our puppies to be the best companion to your family possible.

The Presa Canario isn’t an overly common dog, however there are many reasons why we love them so much. The Presa Canario is a large, muscular dog. They are dry mouth mastiffs which means they don’t drool like many others in the mastiff family, and are low shedders other than during seasonal changes. The breed is characterized by a sloping topline (the rear is slightly higher than the shoulders) and the breed has paws in the shape of a cat. The body of the Presa is mesomorphic meaning that the dog is slightly longer than it is tall. These factors combined lead to a majestic, feline like movement.

These dogs are wonderful family protections and guardians. However, one must keep in mind socialization and training are essential ingredients in the process of creating your perfect family member.

The puppies are well cared for in a clean, nurturing and stimulating environment. The puppies are exposed to household items and socialization has begun from a young age to ensure they develop into suitable pets.

Puppies have 24/7 supervision at the start of their lives and are supplemented as needed to ensure proper hydration and nutrition. Toys are provided to the puppies to offer stimulation and brain development as well.

We start to puppies off on potty training early by implementing the misty method. This provides a groundwork to your potty training adventure once the puppy reaches their forever home. The misty method teaches puppies the essentials in that there is a place where you relieve yourself and there are many places where you do not. This should ease potty training, keeping it to a minimum. Puppies will also be exposed to the crate, collar and leash to minimize difficulties transitioning into your home.

Each puppy comes with a starter pack including:
-Sample is food
-carpet cleaner
-pee pads
-nail clippers
-blanket with mom and littermates scent
-vaccination record
-microchip information

Puppies will be ready to go in March in time for March break

Accepting deposits for puppies now and appointments to view puppies will be made once the puppies are 4-5 weeks old.

Puppies come:
1. Vaccinated
2. Dewormed
3. Microchipped

Ear cropping information can be provided to those interested

Willing to meet within reason once a deposit has been made

Follow us on Instagram @perropresas for updates, photos of past puppies and our crew.

Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

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