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Non shedding Sheepadoodles!!!

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September 26
Aug. 29, 2020


A new Sheepadoodle litter has arrived!
Paisley had a beautiful healthy litter of 9 puppies.
7 females (2 cream 5 black)
2 males. (Both black)
All are thriving superbly.

Paisley and her stud Loki are proven to produce exceptionally healthy, intelligent, beautifully built Sheepadoodles.
Her last litter was hypoallergenic, and this one is almost certainly hypoallergenic as well.

These Sheepadoodles will be puppy pad trained, (if any are tough to train I’ll definitely let you know but to date they’ve all been very easy to train), vet checked and vaccinated as well as dewormed. They will be familiar with the bath and blow dry.
They will also be well socialized with children.

I do daily weights, feed monitoring, baths and blowdrys, some leash training.

The black pups will turn more silver with each groom.
Paisley was all black with a white chin. She is now silver.

This beautiful bunch will be ready to go by October 24th

I’ll add more pics as they grow
(Paisley is messy in the pic, she had recently given birth)

I’m also happy to private message recent pics of previous Paisley and Loki pups.

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