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Deer-Headed Chihuahua & Mini PoodleDeer-Headed Chihuahua & Mini PoodleDeer-Headed Chihuahua & Mini PoodleDeer-Headed Chihuahua & Mini PoodleDeer-Headed Chihuahua & Mini Poodle

Chihuahua Poodle Puppies

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September 9
Nova Scotia
Deer-Headed Chihuahua & Mini Poodle
June 28, 2019


These Chi-Poo puppies are carefully selected with months of research: we chose a deer-headed chihuahua (father) because the deer-head chis are rarer, quieter, more elegant, and more wild-type than the apple-heads, with diverse genes and no inbreeding. They come from Mexico, they are adapted to desert living, they are very smart and consume less food than most other dog varieties. Some of them have upright ears!
The deer-headed chis have short hair and almost never need bathing, they avoid mud and messes (except for the rare moment they find an animal carcass in the woods or on the beach beyond our grasp, they might need a soapy bath afterwards!) Chis benefit from small dog jackets in the Canadian winters.

Mini-Poodles are great in so many ways: our mother is extremely friendly to everyone, (she wags her whole rear end when she meets new people!), she adores water (swimming for sticks), she is non-shedding, and she is smart.

Our parents have been trained to obey the following commands: Sit, stay, spin, (shake a) paw, (lie) down, say please, up, and the mother (Nueva) also knows how to roll over. The father (Ocho) doesn't like rolling over at all! He doesn't want to get his back on the ground because he might get dirty or cold!

We love the Chi-Poo puppies for many reasons: small dogs are easy to control, they fit in the car and bed easily, they are still very fast runners and have incredibly fun antics which provide endless entertainment, especially when two or more are together. Our chi-poo puppies are completely trainable and love being in bed at night, though they will sleep in a dog bed or pen at night as well. The potty training period lasts until about 4-6 months of age.

There is a lot of colour and coat diversity with our puppies (we've had three litters so far), some are long haired, some short and variations in between. The colours have been white and tan, black and white, golden, pure tan, pure brown, brown and white, and mostly white, like Easter Eggs! They often have white-tipped paws and tail, tan ears and a white shape on their foreheads! All puppies born have been healthy and well formed, with perfect vet checks, the mother is excellent at puppy care and nursing. We get first shots and deworming done at 7 weeks.

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